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NEWS from JADED STAR and drumvideos



So 1st of all my (new) band JADED STAR  are confirmed for Metal Female Voices Fest 12th edition!! I am very excited to start to start this new adventure (we will play our 1st show in many in England) and I hope to be able to give you all some new details about our record soon.

Secondly I started a “revisiting” song youtube challange: I’ve been recording some old songs in a “new” as a way to practice and improve my recording skills and my “writing” drum skills once more 🙂

Please consider that I am NOT playing in any of the projects of the upcoming videos, but since many people asked me to play the songs (so they could see the parts) I decided to do it “adding” some spice on them. It’s my way to give to the drumheads  what I did in the last years, I want give it all in video too.. so I can start working fully on new stuff without worrying about the “lost” grooves or fills of some of those songs.

A big thank you goes to Enrico Sesselego (Sound Engineer for Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert) for his tips and advices.

Below you can find the links


You can still follow Arhythmia here  , We are building ruins splitted up a couple of years ago but I still love the songs!

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