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DÜSSELDORF !!! 3rd show of the European Tour



DÜSSELDORF !!! 3rd show of the European Tour yesterday night: it was a sold out show!!! First of all I am happy to be here and have accepted this challange. Playing with Billy is a huge honour and a huge responsability: I am giving 200% everynight. Happy to be part of this tour promoting his first solo record, yeah! I am having a great time with my band mates Robbie (the exploited) and Daniele Manca (Dream healer). 3rd… Today I got a very special visit from an old friend: Ingo is one of my longest time german friends and he helped me and my band Chaoswave many times between 2004 and 2009. He helped us in during our smallest tours with a place to sleep, a place to shower, warm food… He is one of the best dudes we know. He has always been our reliable guy when everybody else would try to fuck us. Thank for all you did for me and for my band, you are a true friend. Meeting people like Ingo on the road makes me feel home. GRAZIE.
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