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Tales from the hard side: “The tour that changed everything: Chaoswave supporting Evergrey”

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chaosI receive many questions about what made me do what I do today, how I went from playing shows in Cagliari to tour the world (Japan, Usa, Mexico, Brasil, Europe) … and there are many things that over the years influenced to make the decisions that led me to this. I would like to use this Blog to comunicate more with you, and tell you some stories that hopefully will empower you and encourage you to keep  fighting. Trust me, I know a lot about life-fights 😉


In 2009 my band Chaoswave started his 1st big european tour supporting the Swedish act Evergrey, after so many years of struggle and small shows I couldn’t believe we were going to do  a tour in front of a real audience and  with a real tourbus!  It was the time of my life: Quitted my day Job (this needs another blog post for the full story) and I was going down for life with this.







We had played some cool festivals before but we never did a tour like that: I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to do it.  Even if we had  played small shows till then I always gave 100% everynight…and I was ready to give much more on this tour.  I had no fears back then, I just wanted to destroy the drums everynight.







henrikWhen I think about a hard working dude in the music scene of Cagliari I always think about Henrik, our Danish guitar player… he taught me so much about really fighting for what we believed in. A Danish Guy in Cagliari(city in the Island of Sardinia where Metal and touring where impossible back then) would destroy all the stupid “theories” people had about playing in a band, touring and actually make something more than “be famous in the hometown”. He made me understand that I could achieve anything If I really wanted to and If I would be smart enough to spend time with the wrong people.

He would do stuff while others where talking about “the unpossibilities of doing this or that”, he was a mentor for me. I still remember people used to say: “It’s impossible to make a show in this club, the owner hates metal” …Guess what? Henrik didn’t believe that and was able to book us a show there. It was impressive to see that many people didn’t even try, they give up way before the battle starts. This is a small example….but I was impressed back then: We have the power to change our world.

So getting back to the Evergrey tour: I have been dreaming about doing a tour since I started playing the  drums and back then It was my biggest dream.

I still remember how I felt the 1st time I jumped on a tourbus, I told myself: “This is not the last time I am doing it, this is not my last tour…this is what I want to do for many years to come”.

That tour was a huge learning experience and also a way to see how different was the “tour music business” compared to what we had experienced before. We were playing in front of hundreds of  people, travelling the world and having the chance to make new friends from other countries… it was everything I dreamed regarding being a musician.

tomOne time: Tom the singer from Evergrey after watching my soundcheck asked me: “Why do you hate your drums so much?”

“Dude… I love hitting them, and behind every hit there’s a story, behing every hit of this tour there are tons of tears, sweat and blood… I am playing every show like it’s the last one of my life”

For everyone of us (Chaoswave) it was a great experience but for me it was more… it was the time to ask myself what I really wanted to be in my life.  After the tour we really had discussions on how to keep the band (more big tours, more investments or getting back to the old way), we were not really in the same page anymore…and for me getting back to play  only small shows was a nightmare, a very frustrating thing.

After so much hard work I didn’t want to be back in the local scene (nothing bad about doing it, don’t get me wrong) because I wanted to keep going in the same direction… Playing local shows wasn’t my choice, so I would not even consider doing it again. I was so excited to see what could happen if I would keep doing this and not going back for any reason.

When Chaoswave splitted, it was heartbreaking… but for me there was only one thing to do: get back to what was “the amazing touring world”,  no one could have stopped me from doing it: it was my obsession.

In 2010: Mario who was the soundguy in the Evergrey tour contacted me to play with him in the band Visions of Atlantis for another European tour… and since then I never had problems finding a gig anymore, on that tour I met one of my best friends: Maxi Nil.

Networking, being respectful, working hard and learning from all my mistakes and failures… These are the basic keys, but we’ll get into this more in the future.

You can check some funny picture from that tour here:


Okay Kids,

Class is dismissed (cit. Gloria Cavalera)

have a nice day


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