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“La fine cresce da dentro” by Cripple Bastards is available on SPOTIFY

I forgot to post this! “La fine cresce da dentro” is available on spotify (of course), make sure to give it a listen… I still can’t believe we did this without metronome and playing hitting like a MOFO.

We tried to capture all the rage, all the fury of the band playing almost live: we avoided quantizing drums, we wanted to give the fans the “real” deal and we fucking did it.

These sessions weren’t easy at all, I wanted to kill my bandmates more than once because they wanted me to play faster and faster… pushing me beyond my limits: I was in pain from the second day of recordings.

My shoulders, my hands, my feet ache….and the band were demanding more and more.

Happy that  I didn’t give up …but I was pretty close to say “fuck you all” at least 200 times during the recording sessions.

No Pain No gain, this record belongs to the history of grind core and I am so happy to be part of it.


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