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“Never Say NEVER.” – a tribute to my Brazilian roots – Raphael Saini

Don’t forget to subscribe if you like my videos: http://bit.ly/raphaelyoutube So this video has a small story behind it: As a drumteacher at Bateras Beat I have studied and I teach some Brazilian rhythms but I never had any video online performing them. I teach my students to get out of the confort zone to get better… and this time I wanted to show them I can get out of my confort zone too! 🙂 Some of them are shy to perform at our events, and I was kinda “shy” to show I can play this music too… So I teach others to do this kind of things and I want to follow what I preach. It was really fun and inspiring to work on this track and definitely it’s way more than just ” a drum video” it’s my 1st public step out of my “music Box” showing another side of my drumming that very few people had the chance to listen. Enjoy! Video, Audio recording and mixing: Raphael Saini

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