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I like many styles of music but I never had the chance to play them live or record a performance before the beginning of this year. I decided to change this and challange myself to show you this side of my drumming. This tune is a great example of what I’ve been working on. This is “Na estrada” by Wander Taffo (R.I.P.) song featured on the book PLAY! by Christiano Rocha. The song is mixed by my buddy Alb Bandino at Cutfire Mixing Studios. Great song and great melodies, it was a great learning experience!

Grazie Brasil!

The Brasilian mini-tour was just AMAZING: Thank you all!!!!

Can’t wait to do another tour like this: great people, great places and so much fun: GRAZIE.


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Hi Everyone, so these are the final dates for the upcoming mini-tour in Brazil ️. I will be playing songs from my bands Cripple Bastards and Jaded Star. See you there!

Fevereiro 2018
22 – Campinas – Bateras Beat Campinas
23 – Jundaì – Bateras Beat Jundiaí
24 – São Paulo – Bateras Beat Vila Carrão / Viva Arte
25 – Passos (MG) – Estaçao cultura (with Dino Verdade)
26 – Passos (MG) – estação cultura (with Dino Verdade)


Cripple Bastards Drum recordings…DONE!

Drums for the upcoming Cripple Bastards records are done. I never played as fast, as furious and as crazy in my entire life… Honestly I don’t know if I will be able to do more than this again. Making an album with Cb and having it released by Relapse Records is way more than a dream coming true. Expect the unexpectable and a step forward from ‘Nero in Metastasi’. Thanks to SPVN Studio and Stefano Orkid Santi for the amazing job. Thanks to my sponsors for providing some amazing gear!!!! For these recordings I must thank expecially Stefano Mirra (Bode Music GearPromark ItaliaEvans Italia) and Mauro from Mogar Music (Tama Italia).

Sessions were tracked mostly WITHOUT metronome.




Out Of Action Due To Injury

Hi Everyone and sorry for the delay, my phone is not working properly after Allstedt. I am really amazed to see how many people has been contacting me in the last 48 hours, thank you.
So basically after First Blood’s show in Allstedt it was raining and there was Mud all over the festival area. I was carrying some items to the van when I slipped on the mud and I fell on my back feeling a big “CRAAAACK” on my left ankle and a huge pain on my lower back. Right afterwards I was helped by paramedics (Thank you) who suggested me that if the pain would countinue I had to run to an hospital to be checked to make sure things weren’t as bad as they could have been.

So here I am now: 
I am unable to walk properly yet and it will take some weeks.
I am not drumming at all and I MUST wait the pain is gone before even attempting to try to hit a cymbal.

I really would like to thank everyone who cared about helping me and advising me on what to do, it could have been way worse. 

— Talk Soon




I waited a bit to announce it but there you go…
I am touring europe with First Blood – OFFICIAL PAGE.
I would like to thank my buddy Fernando Schaefer for making this happen and also Carl, Johan and Daiske for trusting me.
Neither to Say this is a HUGE honour for me and I am more than happy to be part of this.
Today we played Brutal Assault fest 22 – official event and it was a dream coming true for me.
I would like also to wish to @ajpworrel a speedy recover.


Screenshot 2017-08-11 16_Fotor8

Ready for the summer tour? Yes! :D

HI Everyone,

It’s been an insanely busy period! Finished the live shows with Cb, recorded a Single for my buddy Emanuele Pes (coming soon, meanwhile did you check the previous single I recorded for him? – Check here – ), and practicing practicing practicing for an upcoming tour that will be announced next week.

Also I recorded drums for  “Bloody Times  (Germany) an heavy metal project that features John Greely (ex Iced Earth on Vocals) – check it here –

Thanks to my sponsors for helping me out and suppling all the gear I need!!!


Here’s my latest drumcam video featuring CRIPPLE BASTARDS’ classic “Misantropo a senso unico” it was filmed with the new ZOOM Q2N camera:

My 1st show with a Rapper!

After many years trying to find the right people I can finally say that I played my 1st show with a Rapper (actually they were 3!).

This is the video of my 1st live performance with my buddies from the Torino Rap/hardcore scene, I had really a great time playing with Greve & Croma, Mastafive and Maury B.

Thanks to Marco from Zapping productions for all his effort.


Hardcore & Metal Drumming weekend

Derek Roddy sarà ospite al Bateras Beat Sardegna Domenica 23 aprile.

Sabato 22 aprile sarà possibile studiare con il sottoscritto  al Bateras Beat sede Cagliari:

Per gli alunni long distance: la nostra scuola si trova a 5 minuti dall’ aeroporto di Cagliari, abbiamo un servizio navetta da e per l’aeroporto, abbiamo convenzioni con diversi ostelli e vi garantiamo un weekend all ‘insegna della batteria e del divertimento.

Per informazioni e prenotazioni:




Back fom the Usa.

rapggrindThe Usa run was cool ( shows in Los Angeles and San Diego + attending the Namm show and being able to really learn a lot from their seminars about music business). Now I am back in Italy working with Cripple Bastards on their new material and getting ready for new session recordings to be announced pretty soon.

Bateras Beat Sardegna reached 200 students… now we aim for 300 🙂






I also have new drumvideo out:


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