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Summer tour diary – Episodio 1 online :D

1st Vlog “On the Road”

Un riassunto del mio sabato in Olanda con i Cripple.
DI ritorno dal Pitfest ho scoperto un nuovo interessante modo di trascorrere il tempo in aereo… editare Vlog dal telefono! 😀
Questo è il primo tentativo di Vlog on the road spero vi piaccia!
Iscrivetevi al canale http://bit.ly/raphaelyoutube




Nuova Intervista a cura di GRIND ON THE ROAD – CLIKKA QUI



New Dates

Untitled-1 (1)


I just love this song’s mood and lyrics, couldn’t avoid to write a drumline on top of it!!!!!

FAQ Video 1 – Sticks, Snare and Heads.

Weekly drum challenge accepted!!!!

As you know I am a metal and rock guy, that’s my soul and my “zone”. I accepted a challenge made by some of my drum students during last week’s group lesson: learning and tracking a song totally out of my comfort zone in a couple of days. So I picked up one of my “demons” and I fought till I made this. This is the NANINGO by Jim Riley’s book “Survival guide for the modern drummer”. I changed a couple of fills, I changed the second verse (a linear tribute to John Macaluso) and I played it. It took me many takes (I won’t lie) to have this version, but I am very proud of it. Enjoy!!!! Video, Audio recording: Raphael Saini Mixing: Cut fire Mixing Studios

End of the tour!

14 shows in 14 days with Billy Graziadei and the Europe squad of Billy Bio.

Thank you all for showing up, it was a big Pleasure!!!

Europe Jan. 2019 with @cutthroat
JAN. 22 Lunen – Das Greif (Germany)‬
‪JAN. 23 Rotterdam – De Baroeg (Netherlands)‬
‪JAN. 24.Amsterdam – Q-Factory (Netherlands)‬
‪JAN. 25 Eindhoven – Dynamo (Netherlands)‬
‪JAN. 26 Oberhausen – Turbinenhalle (Germany)‬
‪JAN. 27 Antwerp BEL – ‬Antwerp Music City
‪JAN. 28 Leeds – Temple of Boom (UK)‬
‪JAN. 29 Manchester – Rebellion Club (UK)‬
‪JAN. 30 London – New Cross Inn (UK)‬
‪JAN. 31 Weinheim – Cafe Central (Germany)‬
‪FEB. 1 Budweis – MC Fabrika (Czech Republic)‬
‪FEB. 2 Wolfsberg – JUZ (Austria)‬
FEB. 3 Cham GER – L.A. Super Bowl Sunday Party‬
FEB. 4 Berlin GER – Free show at Coretex Records


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Mariah Carey – Obsessed – Drum Remix

Subscribe for more: http://bit.ly/raphaelyoutube This year I made a promise to my mom, I was going to track some songs for my parents and for my “normal friends” (LOL). I worked on this track giving my best not to overplay but to give something more to the original version. I wrote the drums on top of the vocal lines following Mariah’s accents and pauses. Hope you like it. It was really fun and inspiring to work on this track, let me know your opinion in the comments!



I am more than happy to announce that I will be drumming for hardcore legend Billy Graziadei in his solo project BILLYBIO for his Europe/UK tour in January.
See you around!!!! 👇😉
23.01. Rotterdam – De Baroeg (Netherlands)
24.01. Amsterdam – Q-Factory (Netherlands)
25.01. Eindhoven – Dynamo (Netherlands)
26.01. Oberhausen – Turbinenhalle (Germany)
28.01. Leeds – Temple of Boom (United Kingdom)
29.01. Manchester – Rebellion Club (United Kingdom)
30.01. London – New Cross Inn (United Kingdom)
31.01. Weinheim – Cafe Central (Germany)
01.02. Budweis – MC Fabrika (Czech Republic)
02.02. Wolfsberg – JUZ (Austria)
More dates T.B.A.BILLIEUROTOUR2019

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