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flagENKnown as “a drum assassin, cold blooded precise and brutal”(Modern Drummer) Raphael Saini plays drums since the age of 14 and till now he played with different bands and toured Europe several times with his project Chaoswave before starting his career as session drummer.

He had the chance to study drums with many teachers including Dino Verdade, John Macaluso, George Kollias, Aquiles Priester (Hangar, ex Angra), Fernando Schaefer, Amilcar Cristofaro (Torture Squad), Ricardo Confessori (Angra), Jean Dolabella (ex-Sepultura), Dinho Goncalves, Nana Aragao, Giorgio Del Rio and Daniele Russo.

His Brazilian roots gave him the opportunity to study drums in schools like Souza Lima (nominated student of the month on December 2005), and also Bateras Beat, the biggest Brazilian drum school. Thanks to his studying abroad with high level and open-minded musicians Raphael started to think that he had to do something to promote in Italy the music he loved so much. This is why he began to write for the biggest Italian drum magazine called Batteria e Percussioni (also known as Ritmi) interviewing many big metal drummers and dealing with modern metal drum subjects (blast beats, double bass etc etc). For the same purpose Raphael began to carry out workshops of modern metal all over Italy, having the chance to show his studies and his teaching approach.

During his career he played and recorded for many bands like: Master, Abomination, Arhythmia, Iced Earth, Vision of Atlantis, Paul Gilbert, One Machine, Chaoswave, We Are Building Ruins, Sanisickation, Mutilated Soul, Corpsefucking Art, Misbelieving and many more, having also the chance to play all around the world with some of them.

  •  In 2006 he appeared on Modern drummer and also on Drum Magazine on the emerging drummers section.
  •  In 2007 he spent one week in Greece to study with George Kollias (Nile).
  • In July 2009 Raphael had the chance to play with Daniele Barny Bagni (bass player of LITFIBA a famous Italian band) and Paul Gilbert during a Masterclass of Gilbert at the Music Rooms in North Sardinia (Olbia). Still in July he and his band Chaoswave were interviewed by a national TV program (Universication, LA7). In September with Chaoswave he toured Europe opening for Evergrey. In the same year he started a drum course called Real Metal in the school Free Stroke (Florence), which boasts among his teachers legendary Italian drummers like: Ellade Bandini and Agostino Marangolo.
  • In 2010 he started another collaboration with GM Drumschool (Turin), Extreme Metal Doctorate Course is the name of the course he teaches. On December  Raphael did his first drumclinic tour in Brazil and opened a Drumschool in Sardinia called Bateras Beat Sardegna, the first European section of the biggest Brazilian drum school, where he organized clinics with: George Kollias (Nile), Dino Verdade, John Macaluso (Ark), Mike Terrana (Tarjia), Dom Famularo, Jason Bowld (Bullet for My Valentine), Gigi Morello, Sergio Bellotti, Fernando Schaefer, Alessandro Bissa (Vision Divine, Labirinth), Peter Wildoer (Darkane), Hannes Grossmann, Simone Morettin, James Payne.
  • In 2011 he joined the band Emergency Gate (Germany). He toured Europe as a session drummer for the band Visions of Atlantis (Austria), opening for Rhapsody of Fire; and in November he played as session for the American band Abomination.
  •  In 2012 he released his first instructional drum book called “Metal Drumming” (written in Italian language) and joined Steve Smyth (FORBIDDEN, ex-NEVERMORE, ex-TESTAMENT), Mikkel Sandanger (ex- MERCENARY) and Jamie Hunt (ex- BIOMECHANICAL) in their new band, One Machine, recording the album, which will be released in the early 2014. In September he did a clinic tour in Brazil. In October he toured with Vision of Atlantis and in November he joined Master in their European tour at the eleventh hour.
  • In May 2013 he joined the american heavy metal band Iced Earth, with them he played some of the biggest summer festivals in Europe and recorded their latest album “Plagues of Babylon” released in october 2013. In December he recorded in Greece the debut album of the band Jaded Star, formed by Maxi Nil (ex Vision of Atlantis), the album will be released in 2014.

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